More_Cops.JPG“I have just recently passed my motorbike licence and purchased a 2004 F650gs at 43, just summing up the bottle to pack it all in, ‘good’ secure job of 17 years etc etc. Dreamed of travelling overland to Australia, just recently got residency after years of trying. Much admire your bottle to do it. I was going to say, have you any ‘tips’ but where would you start?”

Inspired by messages like this from Rob, I have decided to start a section in the blog – ‘A Biker’s Guide.’ I most certainly don’t intend to present myself as some kind of overland expert. Quite the contrary. I was a guy who only got his moto licence six months before arriving in Buenos Aires – someone who dreamed of undertaking a long journey on two wheels, and decided to give it a go. So I hope what I have learnt – and continue to learn – about how to prepare for and then undertake a ‘Big Trip’ may be of use to those who harbour similar dreams.

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