Colonising Cusco


We are back in Cusco. We returned from Chile to Peru with time to spare before Paulina starts working in Huaraz and the parts I need for my moto arrive from the UK.  So we [read more...]

Machu Picchu


After a few weeks going nowhere in Pisaq (and hence the lack of blogging), Machu Picchu called.  The Inca ruins of Machu Picchu – “The Lost City” – [read more...]

Moto Trekking


Over the seven months I’ve been travelling up South America I’ve passed through several areas renowned for trekking, notably in Patagonia. However, I’ve [read more...]

Stuck in Pisaq


Pisaq is a travellers’ Venus Fly Trap: you pay a flying visit, but get stuck. The village is full of travellers who have been here for months. Some have even made it [read more...]