Below is a list of suppliers I used when preparing for the South America trip.

imageI’ve bought a lot of my gear – from riding trousers, to Motion Pro tools, to panniers and Barkbusters – from Adventure Spec in UK. Why? They have the best selection of quality adventure motorcycling gear, the guys there really know their stuff, and they are super helpful: I must have spent several hours in total on the phone to them talking about technical issues, and they are always cool about me returning orders that weren’t exactly what I wanted.  Highly recommended.


imageAnother supplier who got a lot of my custom was Metal Mule. I bought protection for the moto, a Bicycle Pump electric pump and tire gauge, Barkbuster parts, dry bags and other stuff.  Again, the boss Paul was super helpful. I didn’t go as far as buying their panniers – but if I wanted hard panniers in the future (and I had enough cash), I go for Metal Mules.


imageThe previous owner of my Tenere spent a lot of money at Touratech UK. I’ve only bought one or two additional items from them.  They are expensive, but to be fair none of the kit has failed me after 55,000km of rough riding. The staff at Touratech UK and in Germany have been very helpful, especially Nick Plumb.


imageOff The Road, from Germany, specialise in after-market parts for the XT660s and the Super Tenere only. As such, the offer the best range of besoke parts of the XT660Z . I have one of their Titanium exhausts on my bike, their custom triple clamp to fit 48mm WP forks, and several other parts.


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