After leaving the British Army in 2012, I bought my first motorbike and set off for South America.  The plan was to ride north from Tierra Del Fuego, the southernmost point of the continent, for maybe a year – to Colombia and probably onwards into North America.  A year became almost three years, and I didn’t make it beyond Ecuador.

I started this blog for family and friends, to keep them informed of my travels in South America – it was essentially a public diary.  But it gradually evolved to encompass more than just a travelogue.  With my South America oddessy now finished, I and writing on a broader canvas; about motorcycles, travel, and what I see in the world around me – both in the context of travel and sometimes just daily life. I am also incorporating a more extensive use of photography to tell my story.

I have divided the blog into categories – I am conscious that some of those who enjoy to follow my travels are not the slightest bit interested in which tires are best for off-road riding.  However, whilst they may help the reader navigate around the blog, these distinctions are ultimately false ones – my posts routinely meander over such boundaries.

The catagories are:

  • ‘Travel’, which covers my motocycle adventures as well as more routine travel
  • ‘Life’, in which I offer observations, ideas and images of the world around me, seen both from the saddle and more generally.
  • ‘Moto and Gear’, where posts of interest primarly to motoqueros can be found.

If you prefer, you can read all the posts in the more traditional, chronological blogging format under the ‘Blog’ tab on the top navigation bar. You can also navigate by ‘Countries’ at the bottom of the page

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