The Inca Ruins at Pisaq – a Pictorial

The Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are undoubtedly the most famous, and the most visited; literally thousands of tourists descend (or ascend) on the site daily. The ruins above Pisaq are much less known.  Yesterday I rose early and made the long climb through the soaring, stepped terraces up to the ruins.  For several hours I was there alone.  When you are amongst ruins such as these, you understand why the Incas chose such locations; aside from the spectacular views, there is something special about them.  You can feel it – it’s just  different.


1 Comment on The Inca Ruins at Pisaq – a Pictorial

  1. Great pictures Paul! I went there some years ago and I can remember that was one of the best places in Peru!
    Your blog is cool and it’s a good way to share and inform all the people who knows you.
    The picture of your mudy bike and pilot is really nice!
    I enjoy to read more next times!

    See you soon,


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