Chapter Two Begins

After a long flight from London to Lima, followed by a 15 hour bus ride through the night, I am back in Arequipa in Southern Peru.  I’ve returned to beautiful weather, though there is more snow on the peaks of the mountains overlooking the city – a sign that the temperatures are cooling as winter approaches. The internet tells me that temperstures at night on the altiplano are dropping well below freezing.

The internet also tells me that the Bolivians are once again indulging in one of their favourite past times – demonstrating. Reports from fellow motorbikers suggest that there are several major roadblocks in place around the country. One reported it is the miners, another suggested it is public sector workers. Regardless who it is, it will make for challenging and patience-testing travelling, so Cuzco is looking like a better option as my first destination.

But first I must get the motorbike back on the road. Tomorrow I shall visit the garage where my bike is stored, with a bag-full of spare parts which I have brought back from UK. I’m expecting a few days wait in Arequipa whilst the work is completed. And as is the way here, it will inevitably take longer than stated.

2 Comments on Chapter Two Begins

  1. I love that picture of your bike. I’m looking forward to reading about your trip — you’re living my dream! Well, except for the breaking bike, the lost equipment, and the theft.

    Although I suppose enduring the negative and continuing on is part of what makes a journey like this so amazing.

    Ride safe!

    • Hi Karen,

      You’re absolutely right – the apparent negatives are what add depth to the experience and often turn out to be pivotal moments which open up new experiences. If I hadn’t been robbed in Santiago and broken my bike (both around the same time) I wouldn’t have stayed in and around Santiago for 6 weeks and subsequently met some wonderful people there. (I can see a whole blog in this subject alone!)

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