Photo Journey, Poland

Being back in Europe, I took the opportunity to do some more photography training with my good friend, Johnny Fenn.  Two or three times a year, Johnny runs photography workshops on location in Poland and Nepal.  Gdansk was the setting, with one of the three days dedicated to a professional model shoot – complete with dress designer and hair and makeup artists. Here are a few images of our time there, (click on any image to view):

Johnny’s next trip will be to Nepal – a country he knows intimately and where he has excellent contacts – in April 2016.  More information can be found HERE.

3 Comments on Photo Journey, Poland

  1. Nice photos. I am waiting for more :-))
    Pozdrawiam z Gdańska

  2. Some nice photos there Paul. I think my favourite is the lady with the huge shoulder pads with the sympathetic form of the ‘wheel’ in shot. I recall you wrote a post about camera kit some time ago extolling the virtues of smaller kit (4/3?) Great for travelling, do you still use that type of kit?
    Jenny and I have been back from our trip for over 2 months now and still feel a little unsettled. I expect we’ll be off again soon and in the meantime I finally finished cataloguing our photos from the trip – oh but had I just done it as I’d gone along I could have saved a lot of time at home!

    • Hi Jim. Sorry, I missed your comment – been on the road down in Andalusia and wasn’t focused on the blog. Funnily enough, I was wondering where you guys were and I was going to drop you an email one of these days.

      Yep, I’m a growing collection of lenses of my GH4 and now want to get the new GX8 for the next trip. The M43s system is ideal for me – more than good enough for my skills and so compact. In fact, I’m working on a series of posts about the advantages of M43 for the traveller.

      Pau and I have been talking about putting roots down for a bit, but the feet are getting itchy and I think we may spend a chunk of next year on the road in Mexico. I’m looking at some ideas for such a trip now. Would value your thoughts on the place in due course….


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