The first village of any significant size that you reach when entering Argentina from Santiago is Uspallata. It sits on a green and fertile plain, flanked by the Andes to the [read more...]

A Brief Trip Home


My two week trip back to the UK is coming to an end. This evening I shall fly back to Buenos Aires, where I shall stay for a couple of days before travelling onwards to [read more...]

Without The Moto


The contrast between my life as a motoquero on the open road and my life as an urbanista here in Santiago has become even more pronounced. I am now without my bike, and thus [read more...]

Machu Picchu


After a few weeks going nowhere in Pisaq (and hence the lack of blogging), Machu Picchu called.  The Inca ruins of Machu Picchu – “The Lost City” – [read more...]

Moto Trekking


Over the seven months I’ve been travelling up South America I’ve passed through several areas renowned for trekking, notably in Patagonia. However, I’ve [read more...]

Stuck in Pisaq


Pisaq is a travellers’ Venus Fly Trap: you pay a flying visit, but get stuck. The village is full of travellers who have been here for months. Some have even made it [read more...]

Chapter Two Begins


After a long flight from London to Lima, followed by a 15 hour bus ride through the night, I am back in Arequipa in Southern Peru.  I’ve returned to beautiful weather, [read more...]